Console vs PC – which one to choose?

The gaming community all over the world argues about which solution is better. The choice of available solutions and innovations is enormous nowadays. Who are the winner and the underdog in the console vs PC competition? Although both devices work well for gaming, they offer different experiences. What are they? We advise!

Console – advantages

  • Easy handling. Console gaming often comes down to turning it on, sitting down and playing. In this case, you don’t have to worry about configuration, drivers or graphic settings,
  • Comfortable gaming experience and flexibility. You don’t need a desk, mouse, keypad or gaming chair. You move to the virtual world with a TV set, a comfortable couch, and an ergonomic controller in your hands… and you move into the virtual world,
  • A console does not require any upgrades or development (unlike the PC),
  • Modern consoles are versatile devices. on which you can play Blu-ray movies, use various apps, search the web or, due to controllers, enjoy physical activity,
  • Low investment in comparison to gaming PCs. 

PC – advantages

  • Excellent graphics. Even the most recent AAA titles perform worse graphically on the console than the PC ones,
  • Cheaper games, in comparison to the console ones. You have to pay even dozens of PLN more for the PC ones,
  • Ability to plug in any kind of controller,
  • A universal choice. On the PC, you can not only play but also work, study, search the web, watch movies and much more,
  • More comfortable gaming in shooters and strategic games,
  • Excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts. Even old games can be run on the PC. It is often impossible on a console.
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Console vs PC — differences

„Couch mode” or „just sit and play” on a piece of optimised, ready-to-use equipment are just some of the advantages mentioned by console gamers. Supporters of an alternative solution, PC gaming, appreciate its excellent graphics, lower games purchase costs and versatility.

The list of differences between each of these solutions is long. To choose appropriately, you have to consider what will be more suitable, what you expect and how many people will use a given device. After all, the console and the PC are two completely different devices with different purposes.

It all depends on you

Emotions, needs and current experiences play an essential role in shopping decisions. If you catch the console bug while playing at your friend’s, you will most likely pick the console as your gaming device. Personal preferences and budget are essential as well.

There is no clear answer to the question of who wins in the console vs PC „fight”. Every gamer should consider all pros and cons and make a decision. We hope we have managed to resolve all your doubts.

No matter what you pick, our offer is addressed to both console and PC enjoyers. We encourage you to buy boxed games, activation codes and useful accessories.