Consoles – accessories that you’ll find useful!

PC players are just some of the ones that can upgrade their equipment and invest in gaming gadgets and features. Console players have a wide range of possibilities as well. Additional controllers with accessories, headsets or chargers are just some of the suggestions. Let’s see what is worth investing in!

Accessories and gadgets

The single-player mode is not satisfying enough for all. People often buy additional controllers so their child, partner, friend or anyone else can join the game. Additional controllers, however, are just some of the equipment you can gear yourself up. Sound is an essential factor in almost every game. Sound effects are even necessary to feel the depth of the sound and fully commit to a given game. What about other accessories related to wiring, charging and other aspects? They can be bought at any time as well.


The fundamental parameter of controller choosing is their compatibility with your console. Modern controllers have replaceable sticks, thumbstick grips, and mappable back buttons; they also allow for vibration control as well as for sticks and trigger sensitivity regulation. They make it possible to quickly switch between control profiles as well as they have a built-in interface and much more.

What can be useful?

The controller is not everything. There is a range of accessories and gadgets which will improve its usage. What are they? 

  • charging stations (they allow for dual charging; usually equipped with LED indicators which show the charge level),
  • thumbstick grips (mounted on sticks, they give maximum comfort and increase stability and grip),
  • cases,
  • holders,
  • PowerA accumulators,
  • others.
    Computer mouse
    Headphones for players


    Headsets are an excellent alternative to built-in speakers in a TV set or a monitor. They are much cheaper than a home theatre and are characterised by the higher sound quality. Moreover, multiple models are equipped with a microphone that allows for communication with other players.

    Console gaming with headsets is convenient for other householders as they won’t be “sentenced” to in-game sounds. A huge advantage of owning a headset is a better sense of the game’s climate.

    To maintain order, lengthen the durability and prevent your headset from scratches and damage, it is worth ensuring that they are appropriately stored. A headset stand, is a solution; it is a convenient and safe place for its storage.

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